• Desing: Type Woltman
  • ISO 4064 CLASS B
  • Installing Flange: ANSI 125

Nominal pressure: PN 16 / 250 PSI

The type Woltman meter is designed to measure high flow rates with low load loss.
Máx. Work temperature 50 °C


  • Removable structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal use removable without removing the meter pipe.
  • Movement sensitive magnetic transmission registration is kept isolated from water.
  • Possibility of horizontal and vertical installation or intermediate.
  • Cable Pulse measurement.
  • Closed and hermetically sealed dry register.
  • Exposico coating resistant to corrosion.
  • Materials of high quality and reliability in each of them.
  • Meets the requirements and standards according to ISO 4064 Class.
  • B (Turbine) Class A (Palette IR).