• Desing: Volumetric Type ISO 4064 CLASE C
  • Model: AME-VL15N / SIAA
  • Nominal Pressure: PN 16



The measuring volumetric type of industrial, municipal use and home capture.Max. Work temperature 50 °C


The meter AMEXSA type volumetric, operates under the principle of positive displacement, thanks to that within its measuring chamber has a piston are employed whose oscillating axle is perpendicular to the flow, each cycle allows you to pass a fixed volume of water, which accounts for the record, making a measurement is very accurate.


The movement of this piston is transmitted magnetically to the measurement record and album art, which are hermetically sealed in a vacuum and have no contact with the water.


The gauges AMEXSA comply with the international standard ISO 4064 and are certificates under the Standard Official Mexicana NOM-012-SCFI-1994, class metrological C, which supports its quality and long life, proven in the agencies of potable water systems in Mexico.


  • Body available in Nylon 6+30 %GF in black and blue (decrease the theft to the black market of metals).
  • Measuring Chamber of the oscillating Piston in high quality polymer .
  • Magnetic transmission of rotation of the oscillantpiston are employed to the capsule of the record.
  • Registrydry, hermetically sealed by fusion and magnetically shielded.
  • Plastic Filter type sieve inserted into the end upstream to protection of internal and measuring chamber.
  • Standard Preparation of pulse for remote reading systems automatic AMR.
  • Issuers of pulse can be installed in the field for a quick and simple, without removing or disassemble the meter.
  • Faceplate polycarbonate anti-mist of high resistance to shock, optional in glass.
  • Equipped with star rotating indicator flows very low (allows you to detect leaks).
  • Included in the standard way, packing material, connections and nipples threaded NPT in plastic or bronze as the material of the body.




  • Installation of valve check plastic anti fraud, optional.
  • The gauges can be supplied with sensors already installed the type “reed-switch” or be purchased separately.
  • For orders in excess of 10000 meters can be supplied with serial numbers special.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 50 °C maximum operating pressure: 16 bar.




  • Class metrological C, according to NOM-012-SCFI-1994 and ISO 4064.
  • Test working pressure up to 16 bar.
  • The installation of the flow meter can be horizontal or vertical with an error of + -to 2%